Leonina Arismendi is a multifaceted professional with an extensive background that spans across the art & design industry, food production sector, and civil rights activism.

With over a decade of experience in art and design, two decades in food production, and five years at the forefront of national civil rights causes, Leonina embodies the spirit of a versatile leader and an organizing dynamo in the fields of human rights and environmental causes. Renowned for their organizing prowess, Leonina is also recognized as a trusted community interpreter and an award-winning writer.

In the realm of art, Leonina's creativity and strategic insight have flourished, leading to the creation of impactful commercial and public murals, street art campaigns, and art installations that enrich communities and organizations throughout the DMV area. As a professional artist, curator, and guerrilla marketing expert, Leonina's contributions have significantly influenced the visual and cultural landscapes they have engaged with.

Moreover, Leonina is a seasoned expert in narrative building, policy analysis, lobbying, and providing Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity training for nonprofits and small businesses. Their expertise highlights a deep commitment to fostering understanding, equity, and inclusion across various sectors. Through their diverse talents and dedicated activism, Leonina Arismendi stands as a pivotal figure in promoting social change and community empowerment.

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